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Fort Tryon Park celebrates its 85th Anniversary Year in 2020! Read stories and see photos of the park that have been shared in our Memory Book. If you have a story to tell or a photo to share, send it our way to Sign up for our email list in the box below to be the first to hear about anniversary programs and events.

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The Fort Tryon Park Trust supports 300+ free, public, year-round programs and events annually! Visit our Events Calendar for a full schedule. Please join us for beautification days, fitness programs, monthly garden tours, and many other cultural and educational programs for all ages. We offer free nature and wildlife programs, art exhibitions, birding tours, concerts, dance and performance festivals, outdoor film screenings, an annual Battle of Fort Washington reenactment, and the Medieval Festival.

Public Restroom Update 2/8/2021

The NYC Parks facility in Fort Tryon Park’s concession building is currently closed due to boiler issues. We appreciate your patience as NYC Parks works to address the issue. Restrooms are open at Anne Loftus Playground.

COVID-19 Pandemic Update

Please stay safe and visit the NYC Parks website for updates to service changes.

The World Health Organization has declared the COVID-19 disease, caused by the novel coronavirus, a pandemic. During this time, we ask that all park-goers use precautions to protect their health and safety and that of those around them. Please maintain at least 6 feet of distance between yourself and others, avoid congregating in groups, stay home when feeling sick, and wear face coverings.

9/8/2020: Open Streets Initiative Ends in Fort Tryon Park. Margaret Corbin Drive Reopens to Vehicular Traffic.

8/1/2020: Stewardship Days resume through the end of the fall season.

7/20/2020: Phase 4 Reopening. Stewardship may resume (limited basis).

7/6/2020: Basketball courts and Sir William’s Dog Run are open.

6/22/2020: Playgrounds are open. The park’s drive continues to be closed to traffic. Dog runs are closed.

5/2/2020: Fort Tryon Park’s drive is closed to vehicle traffic until further notice.

4/1/2020: New York City parks are open at this time. Playgrounds, dog runs, and some park roads are closed. While solo exercise is okay, team sports such as basketball, football, softball, and soccer are not permitted. As per park rules, keep dogs on leash.

The park is a fusion of natural and highly landscaped terrain. Nestled amidst wooded slopes and open lawns lie two horticultural destinations: the Heather Garden and the Alpine Garden. Each area showcases flowers and plants that are well adapted to the unique and varied terrain of Fort Tryon Park.

The beautiful flowers in Fort Tryon Park enthrall and soothe visitors, locals, children, students, as well as naturalists of every stripe throughout the year. Our natural treasures include 48 American elms, many of which predate the park, and more than 550 varieties of plants, trees, and shrubs.

In 2016, the Broadway Initiative topped out at 4,000 volunteer hours and 48,000 plants invested at the Broadway side of the park. Improved gateway gardens – the Broadway Greeting Gardens – are now found at Dongan Lawn and the Broadway/Bennett

The park is a wonderful place for children and families – offering activities, relaxation, wonder, and sparks to the imagination. Whether it be for picnics, wanderings, your natural classroom, the Medieval Festival each fall, or community supported events such as the Harvest Festival, the park is a joyous place for everyone to discover.

Individual contributions, foundation grants, and government grants to the Fort Tryon Park Trust support over 300 free public programs for all ages every year, all year long. For children, we offer classes in science, dance, urban wildlife, and more. Please view our Events Calendar for information on our current offerings in Fort Tryon and other nearby parks.

Also, please see our Donation and Membership pages to see how you can help support programming for children.

The southern playground includes fitness equipment and children's play structures. Read about the upcoming renovation of Javits Playground.
Summer is here and it’s time to get fit at the Fort! Take advantage of our online fitness resources HERE
Our historic 67-acre park overlooking the Hudson River is a great place to be physically active while enjoying nature and spectacular views. The park offers over eight miles of paved paths for walking and jogging, as well as two playgrounds, basketball and volleyball courts, ping pong tables, and lawns for playing catch, Frisbee, tag, and other fun activities you can think up.

Being physically active in nature is extra good for you mentally and physically – and active adults set a good example for kids. Playing outdoors helps develop better motor skills, health and fitness, and can create a life-long appreciation for outdoor activities and the environment.

Sir William’s Dog Run is the largest public dog run in Manhattan, an acre of land in the heart of Fort Tryon Park where both dogs and owners can exercise, socialize, and have fun in a beautiful setting. There is a large-dog run and a small-dog section with its own entrance. (Note that dogs must be on leash at all times within the park boundaries, except when at the dog run.)

An abundance of wildlife may be found here, too! Keep your eyes out for hawks and many species of birds, ground hogs, raccoons, skunks, and squirrels.

Dog Lovers - discover the Dog Run! Your donations help to keep Fort Tryon Park clean for dogs and humans alike. Click here to learn more about dog events in the park.

The park has a rich and varied history.

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