Sir William's Dog Run

Sir William’s Dog Run is the largest public dog run in Manhattan – an acre of land in the heart of Fort Tryon Park where dogs and their humans can play in a beautiful setting. The run is an invaluable asset in the park, unifying people and dogs from diverse uptown neighborhoods and activating the park interior throughout the day and evening. It has become particularly essential during the pandemic, since a growing number of our community became dog owners!

After years of park decline following the fiscal crisis of the 1970s, the community approached NYC Parks about converting the children’s play lawn into a play space for dogs. In 2001, Sir William’s Dog Run was born! The dog owning community has been actively collaborating with NYC Parks and the Fort Tryon Park Trust since its opening.  The Trust and Parks have partnered with dog owners to fence the area, provide service gate upgrades, execute needed tree work, expand the run, and carve out a dedicated space for small dogs.

The run is located in what was originally planned as a Children’s Play Lawn by the Olmsted Brothers firm in their 1933 design for the park. Hundreds of regular users and visitors from NYC and beyond benefit from this dynamic amenity.

Note that dogs must be on leash in all areas of the park except when inside the dog run.

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Dog Run location Map

opening day in 2001

The dog run is featured in the Fort Tryon Park 85th Anniversary Film! Watch it HERE.