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Fort Tryon Park’s volunteers are invaluable.

For more than 28 years, Byung Sun Soh has helped by volunteering in the Heather Garden. Recently, Soh connected with gardener Kean Eng and began to focus on the Broadway side of the park. Under Eng’s direction, Soh transplanted and trimmed forsythia so that it would thrive and help protect slopes against further erosion damage. He sometimes volunteers as many as five times a week, picking up litter to improve park conditions.

Spend some time with us!

You’ll perform an instrumental service as you learn from consummate professionals. Help with events and plan the park’s future. Individuals and groups are welcome! Volunteers are also needed to help with park beautification and maintenance, visitor information services, events, and photography.

Join The Fort Tryon Park Trust’s Friends Committee Beautification Days to be part of a team of individuals who work to involve the entire local community in efforts to beautify, maintain, and improve the park’s appearance and condition. Once a month, hundreds of volunteers gather to plant, weed, paint, and help maintain the park.

General Volunteer and Friends Committee Inquiries

Please indicate areas of interest in the form below, and we will follow up. Volunteers under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Horticulture Volunteer Inquiries

We welcome you to join us anytime at a scheduled volunteer day, such as the Fort Tryon Park Trust’s Friends Committee Beautification Day, New York Cares Beautification Day, and It’s My Park Day. There, you can meet our gardeners, find out about the gardens and the park, and talk to other volunteers. Wear long pants and sturdy shoes! Please see our Calendar of Events for upcoming opportunities.

Groups wishing to join a volunteer date must notify us three weeks in advance so adequate tools, supplies, and park staffing are available.

For those interested in working in the Heather Garden:
-The Heather Garden is a historic garden and there is a specific process for new volunteers.
-All volunteers must be interviewed by our Director of Horticulture.
-Please send your contact information and horticultural background to info@forttryonparktrust.org.

    Thank you for your interest in supporting Fort Tryon Park. Volunteers serve a vital role in park planning, promotion, and operation, helping to design community park programs, directly participating in the park’s beautification, and working with city agencies and the community to maintain a vital and safe public park.

    Please indicate your areas of interest below and drop us a line through the form below.

    Helping to beautify the park during beautification daysPlantingPaintingWeedingCleaning upStaffing the visitor table in Fort Tryon ParkAnswering questions about the park and the Fort Tryon Park TrustCollecting contact informationTranslating our materials into SpanishPhotographing park eventsHelping plan and work on events

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