Broadway Greeting Gardens

Broadway Greeting Gardens at Fort Tryon Park’s Broadway/Arden Street entrance

Start your park experience at this beautifully restored entrance next to Anne Loftus Playground. The eastern expanse of the park is perfect for runners, strollers, and dog walking!

The Fort Tryon Park Trust, with the help of dedicated volunteers, has made significant investments in this area of Fort Tryon Park over the past several years. NYC Parks has helped us restore the landscape along the park perimeter and adjacent slopes. We initiated several improvements along Broadway, including reinstated water service (three historic drinking fountains and 10 Buckner boxes for irrigation), plant material (over 50,000 plants, trees, and shrubs planted since 2007), and ongoing coal patching of the Broadway Promenade pathway.

The Fort Tryon Park Trust supports regular beautification days along the park’s Broadway side during the months of March through November each year. Join us! Visit our Calendar of Events HERE to sign up and dig in the dirt with us and NYC Parks’ horticulture staff!

View our Park History, Design & Preservation page HERE for details about the public-private partnership of the Fort Tryon Park Trust and NYC Parks over the past 23+ years.