Visit Permit FAQs

Which activities or events require special events permits?

Special events permits are required for activities involving 20 people or more. Wedding ceremonies, school picnics, birthday parties, and field days all require a New York City Parks Department (NYC Parks) special events permit. To hold an event at the park, apply for a permit HERE. Permits are $25 and must be applied for at least 30 days before your event. Please allow as much time as possible when making your application because the park’s event calendar fills up rapidly. Wedding ceremonies seeking to use an area of the park should apply 6 to 11 months in advance to ensure availability.

Why would I get a permit if the event has fewer than 20 people?

At times people apply for permits with smaller groups because they want to make sure they will be able to use a specific area in the park and that no one else has been issued a permit to use that area – as in the case of wedding photography.

While a permit does not guarantee exclusive use of an area within this public park, it does give the permit-holder the right to hold his or her event in a specific area and ensures that other groups are not issued a permit to use the same space. You should always keep a copy of your permit with you on the day of your event. Also, applying for a permit alerts NYC Parks staff of your plans; they can then make recommendations on the most desirable locations or dates for your gathering. Contact the administrator’s office if you have any questions about when you might need to apply for a permit with a smaller group. Email [email protected].

Do I need to get a permit for my school or camp group to visit a park, even if we’re only going for a few hours?

Yes, but call the Manhattan Borough Office at (212) 408-0226 to get the proper forms. The form you need might not necessarily be the special events permit application.

Can I get my money back if I don’t get what I requested, if it rains, or if I decide not to hold my event?

No. We’re sorry, but the application fee is not refundable.

Can I barbecue in the park?

Barbecuing (propane or fire of any sort) is prohibited in Fort Tryon Park but is allowed at Inwood Hill Park’s Dyckman Fields (immediately north of Fort Tryon) or at the 203rd Street End Park at 203rd and the Harlem River.

Will I get everything I ask for in my application?

While NYC Parks does try to accommodate requests as much as possible, it is sometimes necessary to offer the applicant different times, locations, or dates for events, due to the volume of requests and park rules and conditions.

May I hold my event on a major holiday weekend (like Memorial Day, Independence Day, or Labor Day)?

No, NYC Parks isn’t able to issue permits for major holiday weekends to keep spaces clear for public use on a first-come, first-served basis on those days.

With an event permit for a park, will an area be cordoned off for our use only?

No. The event permit gives you and your group permission to use the park on your designated day only.

How many tables may we use for our event in Fort Tryon Park?

Tables, chairs, tents, and any other sort of furnishings are not permitted in Fort Tryon Park. There are tables on the Fort Washington Subway Terrace at the south end of the park near the A train station.

May we erect a tent or hang signs or banners at our event?


Will I have access to water, electricity, or other park services during my event?

NYC Parks does not provide access to electricity or water unless agreed upon in advance with the park’s administrator.

Will I need any other permits to hold an event in a park?

If you have the administrator’s approval to vend in the park for an event, you will also need a temporary use authorization (TUA) permit from NYC Parks.

To get a sound permit from NYPD, you must first have your NYC Parks permit, including permission from NYC Parks to use amplified sound. When you have received your permit, take it to your local precinct to receive a sound permit. NYPD sound permits are $45, and you must apply at least five days in advance of your event.

Will I receive permission to have amplified sound in Fort Tryon Park?

Fort Tryon Park is a designated Quiet Zone; therefore, amplified sound is not permitted except under special circumstances.

Do I have to have insurance or pay for a bond for my event?

Not necessarily. The Manhattan borough permit office will let you know if insurance or a bond is required for your event.

Can I charge people to come to my event in the park?


How do I get a permit to sell something at my event?

You must apply for a temporary use authorization (TUA) to sell anything in a park. You will need to provide NYC Parks Revenue Division with a list of vendors, items to be sold, and prices prior to the event. Please call NYC Parks Revenue Division at (212) 360-1397 for more information.

We are a nonprofit organization. Can the event permit fee be waived?

The permit fee is an administrative charge and not a payment for using the park. Therefore, everyone must pay the fee.

I want to have a picnic area and use a ball field for my event, what do I do?

There are no picnic areas, ball fields, or athletic fields in Fort Tryon Park. You may picnic on the lawns, but no picnic or other tables are allowed. However, the ping pong tables at the park’s Fort Washington Subway Terrace (adjacent to the volleyball courts at the south end of the park) may be used for picnics.

May I have inflatables or mechanical rides at my child’s birthday party?

No, inflatables and mechanical rides are not permitted at any events in any New York City parks.

Can I get a permit for a playground? How about exclusively?

No, playgrounds are not permitted for special events.

How do I apply for a permit for an event on the streets around Fort Tryon Park?

Contact the Street Activity Permit Office (SAPO) at (212) 788-7439.

Are there sports permits?

There are no sports permits for Fort Tryon Park. Fort Tryon’s lawns and open areas are restricted to passive use only. To obtain a permit for a sports event in another park, please visit NYC Parks Athletic Field Permits.

Can I operate my business here?

Any business or event that operates or generates revenue on parkland is considered a concession and must obtain a permit or license from NYC Parks Revenue Division. As part of its purview, the Revenue Division is responsible for permitting all revenue-generating activities at special events held on parkland. If you wish to consider Fort Tryon Park as the site for your revenue-generating event, please contact the Revenue Division at (212) 360-1397.

Can I film my movie here?

Spectacular vistas of the Hudson River and Palisades, landmarked gardens, historic sites, and meandering paths combine to make the park a popular location for film and television projects. NYC Parks regulates all film shoot and print ad photography permits for Fort Tryon Park. If you wish to film here, submit a permit request to the NYC Mayor’s Office of Film and Television. Filming is not permitted on weekends, due to the high volume of park usage. All equipment must be kept on paved areas. Vehicles are not permitted in Fort Tryon Park.

More information can be found on NYC Parks website: Guidelines for Filming and Photographing in New York City Parks : NYC Parks ( For questions, contact Northern Manhattan Parks Administrative Park & Recreation Manager Corey Shaw at [email protected]

I made a request already. What happened to it?

For inquiries following a submitted request form, contact [email protected]. Note that in most instances only the NYC Parks Permit Office can accurately assess whether a date is still available.

Additional facts for general park use

No amplified sound
No alcoholic beverages
No tying balloons or any decorations to branches or tree trunks
No birdseed or rice
No vehicles are permitted on park property or pathways (only in parking lots)
No parking in Margaret Corbin Circle
No cooking or open fires
No furniture (tables, chairs, tents)
No vending