About Us

The Fort Tryon Park Trust is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the care, maintenance, and enrichment of Fort Tryon Park. Since 1998, we have developed strategic partnerships and leveraged funds to protect and improve our beloved City, State, and National Scenic Landmark. We partner with NYC Parks to maximize resources available and increase the level of care the park receives. We secure dedicated funding for park restoration, ongoing horticultural maintenance, and free public programming throughout the year. Our mission is to preserve and enhance this sublime and historic place.

The Fort Tryon Park Trust funds supplemental equipment and staff to assist in upkeep and beautification to ensure the park receives a high level of care for its world-class horticulture. This includes event and horticultural staff, gardening equipment, special landscapers, and more. We activate and enliven the park by providing over 300 free programs each year for the benefit of the public – any child or adult who would like to attend is welcome!

We provide a well-maintained and safe place of repose for all New Yorkers and out of town visitors. We are especially moved by how the park provides an opportunity for people in the neighborhood to come together, relax, and enjoy nature in a meditative space. We evolve and develop new programming and solutions in response to community needs, we support educational programming and the arts, and create new places for children and adults to engage and play. We support the health and fitness of our community by providing regular classes throughout the year, and maps of exericse routes to make it easy to stay in shape.

We also fund targeted upgrades to the park to preserve it for future generations, dedicating resources for preservation and enhancement. Several projects have been recently completed or are underway that will retain and improve the park’s usability for many years to come. Recent examples of what we’ve accomplished include capital improvements in the park: $350,000 to Jacob K. Javits Playground, $1 million in improvements along the Broadway expanse; and we advocated for funding for the newest renovation project — $1M for the Grand Staircase which connects Broadway with The Met Cloisters.

Through the Fort Tryon Park Trust’s partnership with NYC Parks, two remarkably diverse gardens – the Heather Garden and the Alpine Garden – have been restored and maintained. These gardens feature more than 550 varieties of trees, shrubs and perennials. We thank our dedicated staff of NYC Parks and Fort Tryon Park Trust gardeners and the many dedicated volunteers who have worked to recapture the beauty of the gardens’ original 1935 design.

The continued support of local park users and all visitors is critical to sustaining the vitality of the park. With the assistance of our supporters, the Fort Tryon Park Trust is able to maintain the investments made in the restoration and revitalization begun in the 1980s. Contributions to these efforts are invaluable, whether by funding a critical restoration initiative or through supporting free programs that enhance public enjoyment and foster stewardship.

Your contributions keep this national natural treasure welcoming and vibrant all year long! To begin supporting the park, please join our Membership Program or make a donation today. For information about becoming a partner, please contact us at [email protected] or call (212) 795-1388.

Warm regards,

Jeff Bauml

Board Chairman