Bring your binoculars to Fort Tryon Park, home to a diverse bird population, with 20 bird species that live here year-round and over 60 more that visit during certain seasons! From late February to early June, spring migrants – such as the the golden-crowned kinglet and yellow-rumped warbler – arrive by the dozens to rest and fuel up on the nuts, seeds, berries, and insects. Many of the same birds stop in Fort Tryon again during their fall migration south. In the winter, you can see some of our year-round residents such as the northern cardinal, northern mockingbird, and red-tailed hawk.

The park has guided birding walks throughout the year. Please see the Events Calendar for upcoming dates.

Cabrini Woods

One of the best birding spots in Fort Tryon Park is Cabrini Woods Nature Sanctuary, a narrow woodland located at the southwest corner of the park. Due to the topography, the site offers visitors an elevated, canopy-level viewpoint from the sidewalk along Cabrini Boulevard between 190th Street and Margaret Corbin Circle. This unique vantage point attracts local birders throughout the year and is an excellent spot for beginning birders to hone their skills.