Fitness: Outdoor & Online

Fort Tryon Park is Your Outdoor Gym!

The Fort Tryon Park Trust and NYC Parks are committed to your health and want the park to be your green gym, so we have developed year-round outdoor programs and online resources. See below for video links! Staying active is good for everyone both mentally and physically – and active adults set a good example for kids. Playing outdoors helps develop better motor skills and can create a life-long appreciation for exercise and the environment. We hope you will enjoy getting “Fit at the Fort.”

This historic, 86-year-old, 67-acre park overlooking the Hudson River is a great place to be physically active while enjoying nature and spectacular views. The park has over eight miles of paved paths for walking and running. Bicyclists may enjoy the one-mile lane along the road. Additional amenities include two playgrounds with workout stations, basketball and volleyball courts, ping pong tables, and lawns for playing catch, Frisbee, and tag. You can also use any of 52 staircases for your workout.

Tai Chi 

Tai Chi aims to stimulate and balance the flow of Chi, a Chinese word meaning vital life energy. It combines movement, deep relaxation, and breathing. Studies show that practicing Tai Chi regularly can reduce stress and increase circulation and resistance to disease. It has also been shown to improve range of motion, posture, and cardio-respiratory health. Vist our Events Calendar for a class schedule.

Sunrise Tai Chi Video with Robert Martinez


See our Events Calendar for registration and safety information. If you can’t make it in person, use this video at home or bring it with you to the park and do your practice there! Studies show that yoga is an effective way to reduce stress; increase your strength, flexibility, balance, and range of motion; and help you manage many health conditions, including heart disease, insomnia, and depression.

Sunset Yoga video with anthony purdy

Parent & Me Yoga

We occasionally offer a mixed-age classes for children and their caregivers, providing fitness, bonding, and fun in Fort Tryon Park!

Parent and Me Yoga Video with Christina Shablak

Fitness and Walking

Nancy Bruning has been leading year-round outdoor fitness classes in the park since 2004. She offers walking, stretching, strengthening, and “forest bathing” using only the park, our own bodies (bodyweight exercise), and gravity! Exercises can be modified to meet your level of ability. Meet at the entrance to the Heather Garden on Margaret Corbin Circle. (Class does not meet if it is raining or if the actual temperature or wind chill is below 20 degrees F.) View our Events Calendar for the full schedule.

Walking and Jogging Routes

Fitness Waiver (download)

Ten advantages of outdoor exercise:

1. It’s quieter than the gym.
2. It smells better than the gym.
3. It’s free. Your taxes already pay for it.
4. It’s better for the environment. No equipment, no materials, no fuel needed.
5. It helps you get vitamin D.
6. It’s relaxing. Natural light and nature induce endorphins, those feel-good brain chemicals.
7. It’s family friendly.
8. It’s couples friendly. An active alternative to dinner and movie.
9. It takes less time. No commuting, no special clothes needed.
10. It feels more like play – and play is good!

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Gardening and beautification are another great way to get outside. Click here to get fit while caring for the earth!