Sir William’s Dog Run Location

Sir William’s Dog Run is the largest public dog run in Manhattan, an acre of land in the heart of Fort Tryon Park where both dogs and owners can exercise, socialize, and have fun in a beautiful setting. There are large-dog and small-dog sections, with separate entrances. The run in an invaluable place for dogs and their owners, and has seen a significant increase in use as many more people have adopted animals during the pandemic.

Fort Tryon Park also boasts 8 miles of pathways to stroll along on leash while taking in breathtaking views of the Hudson River and the Palisades. There are skunks, raccoons, ground hogs, and many more species for a dog to wonder at. For dogs who are up to it, you can practice on-leash canine parkour around the many exciting features in the park – and runners can run on-leash with their active pets. Every season offers beauty for people who want to engage with their canine companions.

Named for William Tryon, New York’s last Colonial governor, the run has over 350 regular users and attracts visitors from the five boroughs and beyond. The run came about because of a unified effort by the community and NYC Parks. The Fort Tryon Park Trust provides for the dog run with funding for improvements such as the perimeter fence, separate gated areas, supplies, and staffing regular stewardship days. Email [email protected] to get involved in maintaining and improving the dog run!

Note that dogs must be on leash in the park except when at the dog run.