Urban Wildlife

There is an abundance of wildlife in Fort Tryon Park’s 67 acres as well as throughout northern Manhattan. There are skunks, coyotes, raccoons, opossums ground hogs, snakes, bees, butterflies, to name a few – and more than 81 species of birds including hummingbirds and hawks – and the occasional deer can be encountered here. Read about the birds of Fort Tryon Park.


The park celebrates the wildlife and works with NYC Parks and its Urban Park Rangers to protect the wildlife and educate the public on the best ways to observe animals. Join us at our Winter Wildlife Workshop or at our spring Urban Wildlife Festival to get up close and personal with Fort Tryon and our sister parks’ wildlife and learn how to balance human and animal life in the city’s many open spaces.

Tours and lectures include “Squirrels with Julia Attaway”.

The Fort Tryon Park Trust sponsors Urban Wildlife Appreciation Day in Inwood Hill Park or Highbridge Park with the Urban Park Rangers each spring, when families can listen to live music, make animal-themed eco-crafts, and interact with hawks, owls, possums, porcupines, and other animals that are being rehabilitated.

Fort Tryon Park is kept beautiful because of your donations. Consider giving today!