Winter Walk

Winter Walk, a 1.5-mile trail that features conifers and other evergreens, is in development and will build on original design elements of the park. It will wind through the Heather Garden and the Billings Arcade, wrap around The Met Cloisters, and down through the Alpine Garden. Evergreens (conifers, broadleaf plants, and groundcovers) will provide year-round color, form, and texture. Some conifers on the Pine Lawn are ancient and predate the 1935 park; they are the foundation for a small pinetum.

Want to learn more about the conifers and winter interest in the park? Join us on one of our monthly tours during the winter months when members of the park’s horticulture staff, naturalists, or designers guide visitors through the landmarked gardens. At other times of year, enjoy tours like “Heather Come Hither with Julia Attaway”, “Invasive Species with Mike Feller”, and “Tree Walk with Leslie Day”.