Perennial Border

The 600-foot long Perennial Border stands in bold contrast to the Heather bed. More than 200 varieties of perennials and shrubs hug the eastern side of the Heather Garden just below the Stan Michels Promenade.

In winter, the Christmas and Lenten roses bloom in spite of frigid weather, and dazzle those who participate in the garden tours. In spring, tulips, bleeding hearts, and late daffodils are framed by the brilliant hues of the azaleas, followed by an abundant display of Spanish bluebells, irises, and peonies. In summer, beneath towering sunflowers and dinner plate-sized hibiscus, fragrant lavenders, golden and russet yarrows, and red and purple sages attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Lusciously fragrant hybrid musk roses are in bloom from spring to fall. Amidst a backdrop of bold rhododendron and yew leaves, bright pink and white Japanese anemones emerge near brilliant blue asters. Beneath the striking fall foliage of maples, elms, oaks, and hawthorns, tendrils of clematis wind through the shrubs.