Natural Classroom

What’s the big orange flower that blooms in the fall and looks like fireworks? It’s the Lion’s Tail (Leonotis leonurus). Do heaths or heathers bloom in the winter? It’s the heaths that lend color during the drearier months. What is that round fuzzy purple flower that blooms in the summer? Now you know: it’s Globe Thistle (Echinops ritro).

Fort Tryon Park’s beautiful greenery and eye catching flowers are a perfect setting in which to educate and inspire people of all ages with natural history. Our programs turn gardens into outdoor classrooms, providing a way to instinctively enjoy and appreciate natural surroundings, fostering curiosity. By allowing children to see flora and fauna up close, we create a memorable experience and a way to engage and learn about the world year-round.

Children can learn about the critters and plants of their park in a hands-on, light-hearted and playful atmosphere. We even have our own rock star: geologist Sidney Horenstein, whose informative tours will open your eyes to the wonder of the outstanding rock exposures and trees of northern Manhattan.

The Fort Tryon Park Trust holds workshops for children and their families to equip them with knowledge about the abundant natural assets of the park. We host science, bug and animal activities, natural history walks, and art-making with Jenae Smith, as well as wildlife workshops such as “Wildlife in Need of Rescue and Rehabilitation”.

In a series of naturalist programs held in May and June, children ages 4 to 6 can have fun with hands-on exploration of the natural world found in their local park. See the Children’s Naturalist Series.

All events, including classes, workshops and tours are listed on our Events Calendar page.