Park Memory: Arturo Padilla & Jonathan Tichler/2020

“We are very happy to have found the sign that told us of the effort to collect the pictures of our collective lives and memories in Fort Tryon Park. My partner Jonathan Tichler and I, Arturo Padilla, moved to Hudson View Gardens in 2015, and since then the park has become a place of solace, a wonderful way to get the day started, and lovely spot to watch the sun set. I spent practically every morning during 2017 walking around the Heather Garden on my way to take the subway. I photographed nature bursting in spring and fading in the fall; then I put my photos together in a little book called “Blossoms of Wonder” that I printed so that can I give it to my special loved ones and share the joy. It has now been 5 years since we arrived in this unique neighborhood of Manhattan, unlike any other in the rest of the island, we have found ourselves wandering through the park in these days of social distancing, and finding calm and togetherness along the many paths. We are grateful to be a part of it with our neighbors.”

Linden Terrace Archway, March 2020.