Fort Tryon Park’s Elms in Jeopardy!

Fort Tryon Park boasts a collection of 46 majestic American and English elms, some of which are over 100 years old and predate the park. These trees form the incredible architectural canopy at the north end of the Stan Michels Promenade, around the New Leaf Restaurant, by the Met Cloisters and flanking the Broadway Promenade. In recent years, Dutch elm disease has entered the park and resulted in the loss of 7 massive trees.

We need your help to secure the funds to protect these irreplaceable assets. Fortunately a Fort Tryon Park Trust Alumnus has stepped up and committed to matching up to $17,000 of local contributions to meet the total cost of the inoculation regiment needed to protect Fort Tryon’s 46 elms from Dutch elm disease.

Please help us reach our goal of $17,000 by April 17th! Remember to select the American Elms option when making a donation. When the park loses an elm, it loses a significant contributor to its scenic landmark character, which would take 100 years to recapture.  Make an individual donation here and select the American elm donation option.