The Winter Walk near the Alpine Garden

The Winter Walk

Thanks to a generous gift from the Arthur Ross Foundation, Fort Tryon Park will soon be home to the Arthur Ross Winter Walk. Composed of more than 1.5 miles of pathways, segments of the Walk will wind through the Heather Garden and the Billings Arcade, wrap around The Cloisters, and ramble down through the Alpine Garden. Signage and maps will enhance the visitor’s experience of the Walk, as will a guide to the Winter Walk that is in development.

Evergreens (conifers, broadleaf plants, and groundcovers) will compose the palette of the Winter Walk and will provide year–round color, form, and texture. All along the Walk, the design will harmonize new plantings with existing trees and shrubs as well as the park’s architecture. Some conifers on the Pine Lawn are ancient and predate the 1935 park; they will be the foundation for a small pinetum.

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