Women in a circle holding arms

Fort Tryon Park Trust Friends Committee

The Friends Committee is comprised of a team of local individuals who work to involve the entire local community in efforts to beautify, maintain and improve the park's appearance and condition.


Volunteers cleaning up Fort Tryon Park in July 2006

New Friends are always welcome! Click here to sign up to be a volunteer.

Volunteers are needed in the following capacities:

Wear long pants and sturdy shoes and join the Friends Committee of the Fort Tryon Park Trust in our monthly beautification days. Activities include some or all of the following: painting, planting preparations, planting, weeding, and more!

The Friends Committee also organizes regular beautification days throughout the year. Hundreds of volunteers gather to plant, paint, and help maintain the park. To sign up for the next beautification day, Javascript is required to send an email about Beautification days or use the contact form.