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The Fort Tryon Park Trust is the not-for-profit organization dedicated to the care, maintenance, and enrichment of Fort Tryon Park. The Trust partners with New York City Parks & Recreation to secure dedicated funding for park restoration efforts, ongoing horticultural maintenance and free public programming. The Trust’s mission is to preserve and enhance the historic and scenic landmark park.

Through the Fort Tryon Park Trust’s partnership with NYC Parks, two remarkably diverse gardens, the Heather Garden and the Alpine Garden, are currently being restored and maintained. These gardens feature over 560 varieties of trees, shrubs and perennials. A dedicated staff of NYC Parks and Fort Tryon Park Trust gardeners and countless volunteers have worked to recapture the beauty of the gardens’ original 1935 design.

Special Projects

The Fort Tryon Park trust established an endowment to ensure the park’s preservation and sustainability for future generations. The Trust has raised $4 million for its endowment, and various projects are currently underway that will retain and improve the park’s usability for many years to come. As a gift, The Peter Jay Sharp Foundation initiated the restoration of the three-acre Alpine Garden, with its carved stone staircases, rock garden plantings, and grotto water feature. Thanks to the Arthur Ross Foundation, A one-mile Winter Walk of conifers and evergreen plantings is being developed. Four rusticated drinking fountains that Rockefeller handpicked for Fort Tryon Park were reactivated along the Broadway side of the park thanks to a gift from the Cleveland H. Dodge Foundation.

The partnership of local park users and visitors are equally critical to sustaining the vitality of the park. We rely on contributions from our local community to preserve and enhance the park for future generations.

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Supplemental Staff

The Fort Tryon Park Trust also funds additional equipment and staff to assist in the upkeep and beautification of the park. This includes event staff, horticultural staff, gardening equipment, special landscapers, and more.


Fort Tryon Park hosts monthly garden tours, beautification days, fitness programs and many other cultural and educational programs for all ages. Throughout the year the diverse plant life in Fort Tryon Park educates a variety of people such as young students, curious adults and botany experts. The lush landscape is a recreational escape for children and adults alike; to socialize, exercise, and explore the outdoors. Additionally, the Trust offers a variety of events such as free kids educational programs, arts, concerts, birding tours among others. To learn more about upcoming programs, visit our events page.

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